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Manuel`s lab of creative art work is on the outskirts of Munich, where cows meet carbon fiber. This is the place where you can see nearly all of his work through different stages of development. But you can also try it yourself hands-on by participating in one of his individual workshops. 




03/2020: Blaue Zipfel - für Axel.

Galerie der Künstler

Maximiliansstr. 42

07/2020: Sag mal, denkst Du Dir da eigentlich was dabei?


Adalbertstr. 44


due to the current Covid situation an agile approach was taken and the exhibition was presentet virtually on several channels. 





Role model and inspiration:


Exploring new ways to connect the traditional old things with innovative and modern components. 


The eye opening experience was the visit of the “Berlinale” in Venice. From this point in time the approach was taken to work in a more modern manner e.g. making use of new techniques, as well as using different materials, like resins and composites.



CV and development


Personal details: 


Manuel Strauß, unmarried

*21.01.1983 in Munich


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Approach / Style /methods of working:


Currently the focus is on different tangible creative artworks, such as lamps and different creations using a 3 D printer. But as sharing is caring many workshops are offered on different styles and materials. The essential basic material used are resins and composites. 


As an employee at “Kremer” pigments since 2016, which is a leading company  with respect to historical pigments, Manuel has gained a profound knowledge about old and modern materials as well as historic color and binder systems. 




2014: Finalization of studies of art. 

Degree “Meisterschüler” in the class of Axel Kasseböhmer. 

    Main focus: Oil painting and studies of the classic and modern arts.


From 2007: Studies of “free art” (“Freie Kunst”) at the “Akademie der bildenden Künste“ in Munich.



Aktionsraum 2

Kunstverein Ebersberg e.V.

Im Klosterbauhof 6


Tacker Preselection 2020

Galerie der Künstler München


Blaue Zipfel-für Axel.

Galerie der Künstler München


Sag mal, denkst Du Dir da eigentlich was dabei?





keine Ausstellungen


Flux 1 Exhibition 

Flux 2 Exhibition

Lemon Art


Diplomausstellung AdBK München

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Lea Grebe Manuel Strauß


Trogerstr. 2


Atelierförderprogramm Stadt München


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